My job is to see what your higher self wants you to know and communicate it to your consciousness. That way you can improve your life in the most direct way. I can only see what you want me to show you so if you have the intent to keep something to yourself I won’t see it.

Every reading you get is 100% confidential and typically lasts around an hour

I can look at anything you would like me to, but if you are not exactly sure what you’re looking for here are some topics you and I can cover.

The future: Reading the future can be very helpful as it can help prepare you for what is to come, the farther away the event, the harder it is to read. Because every decision and thing that happens can change the outcome. Some things are very likely to happen and others are not, the future is always changing and shifting, and yet predictions can be made.

Career: Making decisions about your career, and choosing what type of career would be best for you is something that everyone thinks about at some point in their life. Having insight into the future is a great way to determine what the best timing is to make a career move.

Relationships/Love Life: Discover whether someone likes you, and how to solve relationship problems with your significant other, family, or friends. Your relationships with others hold so much meaning and have a large impact on you’re life, therefore it is important to fully understand the whole picture.

Dream analysis: Analyzing dreams is a great way to see what your subconscious is telling you. It is widely known that dreams have meaning and provide context to your waking life. I can help you figure out what your dreams mean and how that knowledge can better your life.

Pets: I can read your pets as well. If there is something bothering your pet, or you simply want to know more about them I will look into it.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me: